Dansa Ranch Welsh Mountain Ponies

                    EOS Silhouette

        (Wharley Majic Flute x Vardra Serenity)

2005 Buckskin Welsh Mt Pony Mare 

Sold!!!  Congratulations Morgan!!!



                Dansa's Dazzle Me

(Springbourne Dazzle x Dansa's Stroke of Midnight) 

2014 Bay Welsh Mt Pony Filly

Sold - Congratulations Alicia!!!





         *Springbourne Dazzle

Imported Multi Supreme Champion   

1993 Bay Welsh Mt Pony Stallion

(Springbourne Caraway x Bradeney Desert Orchid)

SOLD - Congratulations Suzanne!!! 



         Glenhaven Sweet Dreams


            (*Vimpenny Sweet Sultan x *Forlan Hello Dolly)

                        2002 Palomino Supreme Champion 

                                                                       Welsh Mountain Pony Mare

Sold - Congratulations Suzanne!!! 




                     Dansa's Sweet daffodil

                              (*Runshaw Hedeg x Glenhaven Sweet Dreams)

                      2015 Bay Welsh Mountain Pony Filly

                SOLD - Congratulations Suzanne!!!

     SRW Honey's Silver and Gold

             2010 Grey (Palomino) Welsh Mt Pony Mare

(Asgard Silver Dollar x Mt Ridge Honey Bee) 

SOLD!!!  Congratulations Jon!!! 


                                 Dansa's Stroke of Midnight

2008 Section A Welsh Mountain Pony Mare

(Gaslight Crwsadwr x Cardod Elegand Image)

American National 2010 Junior Champion Mare

SOLD!!!  Congratulations Aubrey and Effie!!!

        Dansa's Hy-Shenanigans

  (*Springbourne Dazzle x Lianna's Hy-Shayla) 

2012 Seal Bay Welsh Mt Pony Filly

SOLD - Congratulations Elissa!!

         Dansa's Fashionably Late

(*Springbourne Dazzle x SRW Honey's Silver and Gold)

2014 Palomino / Grey Welsh Mt Pony Filly

Sold!!!  Congratulations Sherry!!!




            Dansa's Dartanian

                     2012 Bay Welsh Mountain Pony Gelding

    (*Springbourne Dazzle x Glenhaven Sweet Dreams)

SOLD- Congratulations Karen!!

                Lianna's Hy-Shayla

(Baledon Hy-Jinx x Horsegate Seren Wen)

1991 Black Bay Welsh Mt Pony Mare

SOLD!!! Congratulations Cindy!!!

                    Dansa's Double Take

SOLD- Congratulations Heather!!! 

(*Springbourne Dazzle x Dansa's Stroke of Midnight)

2012 Bay Welsh Mountain Pony Colt


                                       *Baledon Mystic Medlie

(Criccieth Barcud X Tiffwyl Megan)

 2007 Imported Buckskin Welsh Mt Pony Mare

Sold- Congratulations Christy!!!

             SRW Poppin's Silver Serenade

(Asgard Silver Dollar x Waxwing Poppin)

2008 Grey Welsh Mtn Pony Mare

Sold- Congratulations Terry!!!


                        Dansa's Fade to Black

 (SRW Silver Yankee Doodle Dandy x  Miracle a Certain Charm)

  2009 Black Welsh Mtn Pony Filly



             Miracle a Certain Charm

Reserve Supreme Champion

 (Gallimaufry Jaguar x Severn Buttons N Bows)

2005 Grey Welsh Mt Pony Mare

SOLD- Congratulations Susan !!!



                       Miracle Rags to Riches

Reserve Grand Champion 

 2007 Grey Welsh Mt Pony Gelding

 (Gallimaufry Jaguar x Severn Buttons 'N Bows)

  Sold!!! Congratulations Debbie 




                Dansa's E-magination    

 2007 Grey Welsh Mt Pony Colt 

 (Gaslight Crwsadwr x Cardod Elegant Image)

 SOLD - Congratulations Desiree




              Miracle Mr. Incredible

2005 Chestnut Welsh Mt Pony Gelding 

(Gallimaufry Jaguar x Dancardeb Miss Sunny Ruby)

SOLD- Congratulations Edward


              Cardod Alluring Image

2004 Welsh Mountain Pony Filly

 (*Bengad Lynden x Playmates Enchanted Image)

 SOLD- Congratulations Victoria


                                                          Gaslight Crwsadwr

1995 Welsh Mountain Pony Stallion

(Asgard Sultan of Swing x Chaparral's  Courvousier) 

SOLD- Congratulations Rain